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Alan D. Minsk, Advisor

Alan is an experienced Business and Patent Counsel with both law firm and in-house experience. He is relied upon to provide senior executives (Founders, CEO, GC, CTO, VP Products) with advice regarding risk management and intellectual property related issues that arise during business operations. Alan has extensive experience as a patent strategist, concentrating on the acquisition, creation, development and strategic management of patent portfolios. He has a technical background in Physics, Astrophysics and Applied Mathematics, and has assisted clients in protecting a wide range of technologies and business models. He has worked with clients ranging from start-ups to publicly traded companies to help them develop their products and services, to implement strategies for protecting their intellectual property, and to resolve intellectual property issues that arise in the course of their business operations. He works with technical, engineering, and product management staff to identify innovations in product lines and to develop an appropriate protection strategy, taking  into  account  long  term  business  objectives,  budget,  and  the competitive  environment.