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Reward Your Passion
The Only Cash-Out Social Network App

Blue Carpet is an incubator for talented rookies that brings up ordinary bloggers to get recognized by the public. To pursue this, two functionalities have been implemented in the application.

One, the interview question is key to the success of talented rookies. General users can freely ask interview questions to bloggers of interest about their life, knowledge, and skills and can become a fan of their favorite bloggers. The more questions a blogger gets, the more recognizable he is by the public.

Two, cash transactions can be made between a blogger receiving a question and a user asking the question. Once the blogger fully answers to the question paid by the interested user, the cash amount given by the user is immediately deposited into the blogger’s bank account. The idea behind cash transactions is that social network users—who are also likely to be content creators or bloggers—reward each other for sharing their important information, knowledge, and story. Creating content is time consuming, which is convertible to money. Now with Blue Carpet, bloggers around the world can be rewarded for their contribution to the Internet world.

Just get what you deserve to have. I buy your stories and you buy mine!

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