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"Colin, Let's Meet at the Louvre!"

Social Space Platform

O'LLEE is a system and architecture that provides a method for people to become connected based on a shared interest in a place or event. Social media developers do not realize how important a space could be in terms of facilitating social networking. They view the Internet as a replacement for something like a phone that made long-distance connection possible.

However, the most long-lasting and energetic social relationships have always been made in a space or at an event that individuals share. People are not satisfied with long-distance calls but want to enjoy the feelings that come from sharing a space or experience. While Facebook and other social networks are more similar to those long-distance calls, GleeNet will build a virtual space that mediates and facilitates a deeper social relationship. This will connect individuals by having them join a community built around an event or venue, such as a site for performing arts, concert, art show, museum, sports, lecture, or tourism.

Connected Globalness : Integration of human connectedness into the Internet’s global reach

Once a space plays the role of mediator for developing a social relationship, people will want to visit and interact with both local and global arenas. They will wonder what is happening in a museum in New York or a concert hall in Berlin. Some might assume that an organization’s website acts as the gateway for people around the world to connect with an organization. This is an incorrect and limited view of the potential of a website to create consumer interest and drive revenue.

At GleeNet, we view the traditional website as lacking the ability to connect people in ways that make them want to participate or share an experience. While most cultural organizations operate their own website, people do not get much benefit because today’s websites are geared towards establishing an organization’s or venue’s existence, and do not function as a meaningful gateway to an organization or venue’s capability to connect individuals and share an experience.

As recognized by GleeNet, a convergence between social media and a website results in a new kind of portal – a social space platform and associated network. This has the potential to connect cultural organizations around the world, becoming a virtual web of such organizations and to revitalize them by connecting individuals – this will cause many more people to visit their spaces, to participate in events and to share an experience. This binds people to an event or venue in ways that traditional social networks do not.

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